Hey Livejournal.
I remember this thing. I thought tumblr killed you.

Hmmm...I wonder...
For some reason I get the feeling that people just don't know me...then again, I don't really talk to many people. Maybe I need to come out of my shell more, stop being afraid of saying something stupid and just step up.


Y'know what really sucks.
Being too indescisive to say what you want, without it coming off wrong when you really feel the need to vent or something like that.

Many people are surprised how long it takes me to think of how I can say what I am thinking clearly, (and it usually doesn't come out that way.) that I am kind of convinced some people think I'm actually retarded before getting to know me. But hey, I've made it this far haven't I?

Just take each step forward...and something positive or some such.
I dunno...hopefully I don't keep sweating this in life.

Hey you guys who play tabletop games and TCG's and the like...
 I've been looking around to get into some and was wondering which ones are recommended. Magic is one I'm semi-interested in.  Also suggestions/recommendations on ANYTHING AT ALL. 

Thanks y'all. :)


Converge's Axe to Fall came out this week. (well...last week.)
Unless I get surprised by December...this might just be my favorite album of the year.
I'd say the first track here should have gone on my list of unforgettable first tracks. It's pretty damn amazing.
Good to see the boys of Converge expanding their sound a bit. Even the slow track here is amazing. Dude sounds kinda like Tom Waits.
Check it out if you're into heavy, chaotic music with unintelligable screaming that you somehow can understand.  Or just really loud shit.

I was just given the best advice ever.
Stop being lame.

This is gonna be hard for me. :T

I need my meds for this one.

Woah hey
I forgot this thing existed.

Yeah being dumb and being in advanced classes sucks.

Also, I must need the ultimate energy drink or something, I've been crashing for three months straight, or so it feels.

I don't get how people always think of something to post in these things.

Me being boring, once again has nothing to say.

by the way, what's a good hard pad I can use with SM/OpenITG/MGD?

Well fuck.
I'm working every day this week, as well as going to school.
It's gonna suck.

At least I get paid.

lol I'm such a fag.
You can tell much of a dork you are when you have just been hired for a job and you're already planning what you want to spend it on.
I already have a list of things I plan on paying for...the only one of which I will share is saving for magfest. All others are secret, even though they don't need to be. Anyway, ramble ramble ramble ramble blah blah blah...

oh yeah and I still dress like a scene fag. :D


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